Review Policy

Obviously I love books. I'm open to review requests so any requests can be sent to:

It should be noted that in addition to reading multiple books I have work as well so it is not possible for my review to be put up in a tiny amount of time such as three days or even a week. 

Books I prefer:
  • Chick - Lit
  • Romance Novels
  • YA (e.g ages 12-17)
  • NA (e.g ages 18 - 25)
  • Uncorrected proofs
Whilst I would prefer physical copies, I am willing to receiving e-books in .pdf and .mobi files, but only if a physical copy is not an option.

I am open to trying new genres, however there are some genres I will not be reviewing:
  • Horror
  • Childrens ( e.g ages 4-10)

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