Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Talk British To Me by Robin Bielman REVIEW

Talk British to Me
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As the Dating Guy on L.A.‘s top morning show, I give the single guy’s perspective on dating, love, and sex—and I give great advice. Everyone’s hooking up…well, except for me. Sure, I can get any woman I want, but I’ve got a “no relationship” clause in my contract and the only woman I want has “relationship” written all over her. Probably stamped on her ass, too. And wouldn’t I like to confirm that.

Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with me. At all. Something about the next Ice Age might have even come up in her rebuttal. Adorable. Because she’s determined to ignore what one simple kiss proved: she wants me as badly as I want her.

Everything in me is screaming to go after her, but I’ve got a secret that I’m fairly certain will end up with her roasting my nuts over an open fire. So, job on the line? Check. Nuts on the line? Check. Can’t get her out of my head? Nail…meet coffin. But what a way to go…

I have to say when I first saw this book synopsis I rolled my eyes a little. As someone with a British accent I find the American obsession with it, odd at best, off putting at worst. So imagine my surprise when I actually found myself a)loving this book b)loving the use of the British accent 😉.

Instead this book went a lot deeper than I was expecting from the title. It was my first Robin Bielman book and hopefully it won't be my last because I really loved Teague and Mateo. Books like these are proof that showing both the male and female perspective is such good storytelling, especially when we all know one character's POV would literally be "I'm so sad" and it doesn't really move the story forward. Knowing how both characters felt about a specific situation was also helpful and insightful, it was great to see how much time was put into each characters' motivation

I thought the ways in which Mateo and Teague got to know each other were great! When reading so many romance books, sometimes you can get fatigued of certain tropes and this book employed any common tropes so well, it felt brand new! I'm not going to discuss the plot of this book because it all seems too spoilery but I was a fan!

I think this book brings a really important message about self respect and how regardless of whether you're male or female, you deserve to be in a mutually respecting relationship with your significant other. 

I LOVED the supporting characters and both laughed out loud and wanted to cry with them at various points in the book. Robin left some really good crumbs for other characters in the book and I was so glad to see that this is the first in the series, I deserve Harper and [redacted]'s story! This was a really fun and flirty book and made the unbearable heat even hotter.

Rating: 4 stars

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