Monday, 30 January 2017

Bound to Me by Christy Pastore

Bound to Me (The Harbour Series, #1)

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We set the rules… 
Well, I set the rules… he agreed.
I left before we could break them, or so I thought I had… 

Ella Connolly is looking forward to starting a new adventure in her life. After putting her party girl, headline-grabbing tabloid exploits behind her, she has become a responsible and successful entrepreneur. Moving across the pond to Manhattan, she’s determined to make the dream for her boutique to become an international retail brand come true. 

While in the States, her overprotective brother insists she have a full-time security detail. This complicates Ella’s plans in more ways than one. 

Alex Robertsen’s life is in shambles. After losing the woman he loves to his brother, he’s been on a steady diet of booze and easy women in an effort to make himself numb. Things needed to change.

Change is good. 

Good, that is, until Alex finds himself thrust into an all too familiar situation. 

He’s obligated by a professional oath to protect Ella at all costs. 

She’s vowed to not let distractions, even the ruggedly handsome ones, keep her from her goals.

But old habits die hard… 

We’d broken the rules… more than once. 
We were bound to… and we agreed it was worth the risk. 
He left before it shattered us both… or so we thought.

Bound to Me follows two characters previously introduced in Perfectly Scripted and Fifteen Weekends
This story introduces us to Alex and Ella. Alex is in private security and Ella is a businesswoman, sister to an actor and a former party girl.

Their story has the pleasure of both going really quickly but also giving us sections of the slow burn so it has a little something for everyone ;). I loved the interactions between Alex and Ella and I loved that literally two pages after I made a mental Kevin Costner remark, so did Ella. Little things like that really help it become easier to like characters. Alex was the ultimate alpha male right down to the jealous streak out of nowhere and Ella was really mentally 

I loved how Ella and Alex first originally met, and their entire relationship was just really passionate. I loved how their first meeting as bodyguard/protectee went and I thought it was super cute.
I liked the supporting characters as well, this appears to be the first in a new series so I'm excited to see whose story we will be following next.

Overall, this book didn't really awe me but I found the story and the romance believable enough to enjoy it. One thing that annoyed me was the Britishisms that Ella seemed to pull out of her arse and then the "translations" that were also a bit suspect - e.g. Ella said lavatory then corrected to powder room, we all just say bathroom, you don't need to make a character "more" British sometimes because it's not the correct setting.  

Rating: 3 stars

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