Monday, 8 August 2016

Where The Snow Falls by Bethany Kris and London Miller - REVIEW

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Blood always leaves the brightest stains where the snow falls.

Fresh out of lockup, Kazimir Markovic is focused on two things only—having Violet Gallucci back at his side, and putting his father in the ground. With his plans already in motion the very second he’s free, Kaz goes after what’s most important. Violet first. Vasily second.

The Russians are out for blood. 

The Italians want their blood back. 

It’s only a matter of time before someone comes for Kaz and Violet—hiding was never in their plans. And they’ve been waiting for this …

The game they’re playing is dangerous.

Someone always has to lose. 

From authors London Miller (Den of Mercenaries) and Bethany-Kris (The Chicago War) comes the second installment in theSeasons of Betrayal series that has readers calling it “A modern day Romeo and Juliet.”

Where The Sun Hides ended on a cliffhanger that had me going "UH WHATTT?!! NOOOO!" So I guess it's only fitting that Where The Snow Falls had me going "UH WHAAAAAATTTTTT?!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

My review of WTSH ended telling Bethany Kris and London Miller that it was their move. Never has a move been so wonderfully executed. WTSF was a book that had everything you could want; the tone, pacing and story were all a delight and I honestly feel so lucky to be reading this series. 

WTSH seemed to focus more on the Italian side of story and WTSF showed us that the Russians are the last people to be left behind or forgotten. The story picks up after Kaz has finished his sentence and we see how everyone involved has been dealing with the situation. 

I can't believe how seamlessly the authors write together and how well developed every single character in this series is. I love Kaz and Violet and I love how their story is being written. Kaz is a ruthless alpha male willing to do anything to be with Violet whilst Violet is a strong woman willing to defy her family for what makes her happy. Together they're perfect and this book reminds you of that with every single page.

I'm very glad there's another installment to this because Bethany and London are honestly leaving us on such an enthralling cliffhanger! I feel like all my favourite authors went to a conference and decided that patience is a virtue I have to learn and this was the consequence.

I've learnt my lesson now let me know the happy ending! 

This is a book series that is honestly so worth investing your time in.

Rating: 6/5 stars!

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