Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Harry Potter And The Joys Of Reading

You guys, I've been having so much fun this week reading one of favourite series again from the beginning!

Reading these books again have reminded me of how much I've forgotten, why books will always be better than movies and explains future things effortlessly.

I've always been a big fan of reading series again, as if I genuinely enjoyed the series it's like greeting old friends and you can really appreciate the character growth, especially if they're 11 on Monday but 14 on Thursday. I've loved getting to remember how funny Fred, George, Ron and Harry are, especially as this was so neglected in the movies. I've loved seeing just how well Jo planned ahead (for the most part!) and was really committed to making a story that played across 7 books so effortlessly. I hated seeing characters that were going to ruin everything, but so essential to Harry's journey. 

I'd imagine most of you are here because you love books so my advice to you is that if you have a series that you love that you haven't read in some time, pick it up and get to know and love the characters all over again. It could be that the last time you read it you were less mature and you now understand the motivations of certain characters better, or you realise that the character you loved wholeheartedly could also have occasionally been a teeny tiny bit wrong. 

The first time I read Harry Potter was by borrowing from a friend so I was ecstatic when the new covers were revealed (and my brother was really upset that he got rid of his original covers considering their new market value!) and now I'm finally putting them to good use!

Due to the fact that I had so much fun doing this, I've got a poll on my twitter timeline asking which series I love should be read again next:

Rating: 5 stars and all the points to Gryffindor!

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