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Priceless by Linda Kage

Priceless (Forbidden Men, #8)

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Three things in my life were fact.
I needed Sarah to survive.
I needed sex to remain sane.
And I could never mix sex with Sarah.

I just knew—deep in my marrow—that if I did, I’d somehow lose her. All my deepest darkest secrets would crack open, bleed out, and ruin everything between us. I wouldn’t unleash the shit inside me on my worst enemy, let alone her. So she stayed strictly in the friend zone.

People probably thought I never went there with her because of her cerebral palsy, but f*ck them. She knew she was the most important person in my world, and I wasn’t about to risk hurting our relationship just to make my c*ck happy.

Until the moment she begged me to take her virginity.
Now it’s all about to hit the fan, because how the hell do you resist the one person forbidden to you when she says please?
--Brandt Gamble
Review ahead!
I'm a huge fan of series that follow a different couple each book but keep the same supporting characters because I HATE SAYING GOODBYE TO CHARACTERS! Linda Kage's Forbidden Men series (named for the nightclub they all work at) has honestly been such a gift. Priceless is the 8th book so far and I've honestly loved every single one of them. Before this I might have said Oren Tenning was my favourite but he now has major competition in his best friends' little brother. 

Brandt and Sarah's friendship is first established in the second book To Professor With Love and I remember being so happy that Sarah had been able to make friends. As seen in Price of a Kiss, Sarah has Cerebral Palsy (CP) and despite the fact that her mental functioning is the same as everyone elses and a lot of her motor functions are relatively normal, her mother is convinced she's unable to do a lot things that she's more of capable of. As such, it was difficult for her to make friends because children are the worst but thankfully a little encouragement from Reese(the female heroine, you'll love her) she becomes more confident. Prior to this, Sarah is best seen in the previously mentioned POAK and Be My Hero.

Brandt is first introduced in TPWL and is the younger brother of Noel. When we first meet him he's a sweet young boy that gets into too many fights because they're poor in a potentially bad neighbourhood but as soon as he moves in with Noel you get to see him thrive and grow. Next seen in A Perfect Ten (both a title and a description!) Brandt has become even more comfortable and helps to provide some of the funniest scenes in the book, to the point that I actually had to stop reading so I could just laugh in peace. 

This book goes through the timeline from TPWL up until Priceless really well considering a lot of the things that are discussed have happened in previous books but a scene I loved was Sarah and Brandt's first meeting as I felt it cemented their friendship perfectly. The two funniest things about this book were Sarah and Brandt never discussing their feelings that I've had to read about since they were FIFTEEN and Noel finding out that Brandt and Sarah had honestly just been friends all this time.

I really don't want to give anything away but just know that this book was honestly just amazing. I empathised with the characters and really enjoyed witnessing their individual and collective growth.

The only thing that I don't always like about this book series is that all the characters have to had something awful happen to them and it occasionally makes for hard reading, especially as there isn't a warning as to what this terrible awful thing will be. I will say it makes me worried as to what it will be in the next book but I will still obviously and happily read it.

Recommend to: fans of NA, fans of NA series, fans of romance
Rating: 5 stars 

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