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Reed by Allison Saltz REVIEW

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Reece Reed has her fair share of baggage. After an abusive childhood and a less than ideal love life she tends to keep people at arm’s length. When she is hired by the FBI she accepts hesitantly, knowing this will mean fostering relationships with coworkers. As she develops new equipment to investigate crime scenes, she also develops relationships with those around her. she begins to let her walls down and let herself believe she may be able to have a normal life. Just when she starts to think true love may be within her reach, her dark past comes back to haunt her. Will she ever be able to live without looking over her shoulder? 
Reed is an inspirational story about overcoming obstacles. It contains crime, romance, drama, action, and snarky sarcastic dialogue. Witty and compelling, if you are looking for a good read, then read Reed.

Spoilers ahead

First of all, I have to say I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. The book had quite a slow start in which a lot of information about the main character was condensed into the first couple of chapters so the story couldn't really progress.

I didn't particularly like Reed at the beginning because I felt like she was trying too hard to be an unfeeling person, but relatively quickly over the course of the book she is able to let down her walls and let people get close to her. I actually started to really like her voice and God knows even if I hadn't, there's no denying that she's a strong woman that's got through a lot.

She meets some really good people over the course of the book and it's these that I believe really help cement her growth. For the first time she can remember, with the exception of Ryan and Jared who are like her brothers anyway, she's making friends and they respect her for herself and not what she can do for them.

Plot wise, there were a couple of ends that weren't tied up, so I'm kind of hoping that this could be a series although it's hard to imagine that happening. Technically, things could have been wrapped up behind the scenes but there was a case that sounded particularly interesting that I would have liked Saltz to go into more, in order to bring out the crime element more.

Romance wise, I thought there was a good lead up, especially as, in Reed's words, she's "damaged goods" so she needs to process a lot of things within herself before she even thinks about relationships. I think the right personality was put into her love interest so that was nice.

Another thing I really liked is that the character is called Reece Reed, that's some pretty cool alliteration and it continues with the family and alliterated names are the coolest. I don't make the rules, sorry.


  • Ryan - Ryan gives Reece the job and she lives with him at the beginning of the book. He is her longest friend and they're practically family. He has a son, Carter, and I'm pretty sure he's from a previous relationship. He's currently in a relationship with Christine. He's very protective of Reece and he really loves her.
  • Sam - Gets partnered with Reece and she initially doesn't want to work with him because she doesn't like psychologists shrinks but after he agrees to not shrink her, she realises that they both have a lot in common and the first of her many new friendships are formed
  • Alyssa - Alyssa seems to be the first female friend that Reece makes and the friendship is very cute. Alyssa keeps trying to set Reece up on dates, despite Reece's insistence that she doesn't date. They get really close over the course of the book and Reece tells her something before she tells anyone else as a result of their closeness.
  • Joe - Married to Alyssa also works at the lab. He goes along with his wife's schemes and it's clear they love each other very much
  • Christine - Going out/married? to Ryan. She isn't really developed as a character but she needs to be mentioned because she does have a minor plot
  • Jared - Brother of Ryan and brother figure/ex boyfriend of Reece. He's still in love with Reece but is aware of the boundaries between the two of them, he's very protective of her and is a source of comic relief in the book.

This appears to be the author's first book and I'm excited to see what comes next.

Recommend to: people on holiday, looking for a quick read.
Rating: 4 stars

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