Monday, 5 June 2017

Unraveled (Guzzi Duet #1) by Bethany Kris REVIEW

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Guzzi Duet, Part One
Cara Rossi’s life has been a mess ever since her identical twin was killed. She blames the mafia, its ways, and the people within the caustic culture for a painful reality that turned her world on its side. In an attempt to momentarily pause her misery, a night out puts her on a path with a man she shouldn’t get involved with simply because of his last name—Gian Guzzi.
He’s the kind of man that makes it hard to say no.
Gian Guzzi’s problems are piling up fast. A murdered grandfather, an unpredictable mafia, and a new boss that threatens both his family’s legacy and his life. As a Cosa Nostra underboss, Gian has a duty. First to la famiglia, and only then to himself. In the midst of the violent uncertainty that has become unrelenting in his days, Cara Rossi should only be a distraction for him to enjoy.
She’s a happiness that he was never allowed to choose before.
His lies. This life. Their love.
It all unravels eventually.

I really, really loved Gian. He was a great man, then next thing I know, he's only gone and broken my heart. If it were up to me (which technically it is, but it's unfair to Bethany to give me an ARC and only get one sentence review), I would honestly leave that as my review.

This book takes place in the same world occupied by The Chicago War Series, Filthy Marcellos and the pure pain that was the Donati Bloodlines but it mostly takes place in Canada meaning there's no real crossovers but as usual, we were all taken on a journey.

If you've read the aforementioned series, Cara lives in The Chicago series and her twin was murdered. So as you can imagine, when we meet Cara she's not in the best place. A chance encounter with Gian has Cara more open to new opportunities and it's honestly wonderful to see her grow outside of not only herself but her identity as the "quiet twin". I would have loved for her to have a closer relationship with her brother, cousin and Abriella (who was very Abriella like in this book) but it was very in line with her character so I let it go.

I love how BK has written so many different made men, Capos and Bosses yet they all have distinct personality traits, different levels of ruthlessness and varying levels of cunning. Gian didn't have to play as long a long game as some of the other characters but he did show great ability to not only get what he wanted, but also to demand what he expected from his men. There's one "clean up" scene towards the end that nearly killed me.

A lot of the characters made reference to Cara and Gian having an inappropriate relationship but absolutely nothing could have prepared me for what actually took place!  They are really and truly stuck between a rock and a hard place and I really cannot see a way out of this that doesn't have devastating repercussions for at least one of the couple! Bring on Entangled!

This is one of those books that you already know is going to end on a cliffhanger but you can't stop yourself from reading all the way through anyway.

Side note: I love the cover

Rating: 4 stars

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