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Your Alluring Love by Layla Hagen REVIEW

Your Alluring Love (The Bennett Family, #6)

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Alice Bennett has been holding a torch for her older brother’s best friend, Nate, for more than a decade. He’s a hotshot TV producer who travels the world, never staying in San Francisco for too long. But now he’s in town and just as tempting as ever… with a bossy streak that makes her weak in the knees and a smile that melts her defenses. 

As a successful restaurant owner, Alice is happy with her life. She loves her business and her family, yet after watching her siblings find their happy ever after, she can’t help feeling lonely sometimes—but that’s only for her to know. 

Nate has always had a soft spot for Alice. Despite considering the Bennetts his family, he never could look at her as just his friend’s little sister. She’s a spitfire, and Nate just can’t stay away. He loves making her laugh… and blush. 

Their attraction is irresistible, and between stolen kisses and wicked-hot nights, they form a deep bond that has them both yearning for more. 

But when the chance of a lifetime comes knocking at his door, will Nate chase success even if it means losing Alice, or will he choose her?

We're back amongst some of my favourite siblings and we finally get Alice's story. It's been hinted at a few (many) times throughout the books that Alice has a crush on a family friend. If Nate were a family friend of mine I think I'd have a crush too!

Sometimes because I love the tension that exists in an enemies to lovers story I forget the amazing feel-good factor of a friends to lovers story. With these, you get characters that truly love each other before anything else, and also know so much more about each other than you could ever imagine. I cannot believe we are six siblings in, it feels like no time has passed and yet, we're finally on Alice and Nate. 

Nate travels a lot as an executive producer and so Alice has always been able to love him from afar. When Nate finally gets a chance to return to San Francisco (with his wonderful PA), Alice finally has a chance to maybe make something happen. Nate is friends with her older brothers who really need to stop sounding mob-affiliated when their sisters find men 😂 . 

I really loved this story and how all the siblings have had such different stories whilst  being so rooted in family and platonic relationships. Nate and Alice had obstacles but the way they dealt with them was so refreshing and lacked the potential immaturity associated with romance books.

I laughed a lot and basically I love the Bennetts.

Rating: 4 stars

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