Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Worth of Waste by Bethany Kris REVIEW

Worth of Waste (DeLuca Duet Book 2) by [Bethany-Kris]

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DeLuca Duet, Part Two 

The Chicago Mob is the same as it has always been—violent, greedy, and excessive. The Outfit families have turned their backs when they were needed the most one too many times, but Dino DeLuca didn’t expect anything different. 

His whole life has been lived for the Outfit—for his family. 

He has a whole new set of reasons to live and fight now. 

Karen Martin makes Dino change all the rules. 

He’s finally ready to show everyone just how much waste is truly worth in the mafia, and just how far one will go for freedom from it all. 

He’s learned these lessons well. 

Too well. 

Author’s Note: The DeLuca Duet is a standalone duet with a HEA ending that can be read independently.

And so The Chicago War is really and truly over. I know Bethany Kris is planning a Legacy series from the Filthy Marcellos that will no doubt have some Chicago characters making an appearance, but from what I understand this is the last book completely Chicago based.

Dino, Dino, Dino. I don't even know what to say or where to start. Dino has just been through so much and I feel like we as readers still don't know him as he's never had time to make his own personality beyond protecting himself and his siblings and hiding/abstaining from anything that could bring him joy.

This story is amazing as you come to the realisation that there's no way that Dino ever could have been happy in the way his world existed prior to the series. Even if everyone in the older generation had been killed, the expectations of his life as a made man means he would never have felt safe or been able to fully relax. 

I love that this gave us an extended look at Theo and Dino's relationship. This is probably the saddest and most profound relationship in the entire series. How can you get to a good place with someone you don't trust, have been manipulated into hurting and who you can only love from afar? The answer is you can't and you leave readers sad for what could have been. 

Karen was a rock as always. It's interesting cos like Theo hasn't had time to discover his own personality without being under pressure, Karen is like the perfect opposite to that. I don't believe there's a single page in this book where we don't know who Karen is and what she stands for. I think it's amazing to have such complementary characters.

All I've wanted for Dino since the first chapter of Deathless and Divided was to get to know him and hopefully have him be happy. I'm so grateful to have got to this stage <3

Rating: 4 stars

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