Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Rock The Dream by BB Miller and Leslie Carson REVIEW

Rock the Dream by B.B. Miller 

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Multi-platinum, award-winning rock musician Kennedy Lane has it all—packed arenas, private jets, and loyal fans. Everything is at his fingertips... until a tragic accident twists his dream into a nightmare. Haunted and lost, the only place he comes alive is on stage, playing for a sea of nameless faces. He’s desperately wanting more, and losing hope that he’ll ever find it.

Abigail Walker, director of an international children’s charity, lives for her job. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, she pours her energy into making the lives of the families she works with just a little better. But her dedication doesn’t keep her warm at night, a fact that she’s beginning to regret.
When a little boy’s hope to meet his idol brings them together, Kennedy is shocked to find that determined Abigail may be the one to help him make his dreams come true—if he’s strong enough.

I'm a fan of rockstar/famous beings books because there's always that additional element of feeling like you're reaching a secret part of the character that they're not showing to the rest of the world - even though they only exist within the pages. 

Rock The Dream introduces us to Kennedy Lane, lead singer of the band Redfall. To put it nicely, he's an absolute mess - living the rock and roll lifestyle of the 80s but thankfully with a lot less kids. If I'm being honest I don't think Kennedy has been sober for more than about two hours per day within the past two years and that two hours only accounts for the fact that he sleeps forever and must be able to get rid of at least a small amount of alcohol by then.

Conversely, we have Abigail the Director of a Make A Wish type foundation who knows that despite the desires of the kids she's trying to make happy, she also has a moral duty to protect them long term from any potential negative after effects of meeting an addict that could break their already fragile hearts.

So in this we have the dichotomy of a no good rocker and what seems to be an angel on Earth. Kennedy and Abigail were actually really good together and I loved how they were both able to challenge each other as well as stand their ground on issues that were personally important to them.

I can see interesting stories being available from the remaining members of the band as well as a certain member of security so I'm looking forward to the continuation of this series!

I'm not sure if I was entirely comfortable with how the story seemed to tackle addiction, especially as Kennedy suddenly stopped drinking with no side effects and suddenly had a will of almost steel. Addiction isn't simply deciding not to partake in something, it's the body adapting to a substance and then believing it needs it to function. There are going to withdrawal symptoms and they're not going to be pretty 

Rating: 3 stars

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