Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Thin Lives by Bethany Kris Review

Thin Lives (Donati Bloodlines, #3)
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Emma Donati

Some days, it felt like Emma had just imagined it all. 
Like maybe everything she had been with Calisto was just a dream. 
Emma knew it was crazy—it was impossible to forget what she had shared with Calisto Donati. All their love, the stolen moments, their foulness together, and the beauty underneath it all were real. 
They were real. 
But he didn't know. 
He didn’t know any of it. 
And little by little, with every day that passed her by, Emma found she was losing those pieces that reminded her they had existed once. 
Just like the rosary. 
All too soon, Emma knew … there would be nothing left.

Calisto Donati

Emma hadn’t given him a choice. 
Her, not him. 
Yeah, that’s what Calisto was going to keep telling himself. He refused to feed into the strange curiosity he had about Emma Donati. It had been building from the moment he’d first seen her face after he’d awakened. He wouldn’t admit that for longer than he cared to admit, he thought there was more behind her false smile, polite words, and the distance she put between her and him—that there might be more to them. 
He couldn’t. 
Except … he was feeding into it. 
Calisto just wasn’t sure what it was. 
But tonight he was going to find out. 
Whether she wanted to tell him or not.


The final Bloodlines novel.

I just can't believe it's all over. Emma and Calisto stole my heart in May 2016 and it's honestly felt like I've been waiting for years for them to finally get their happily ever after (It's September 2016, I haven't).  
Thankfully with indie publishing (in general) the wait between books is no longer a torturous nine months to a year but, a pleasant few months that still feel like they last forever.

I knew we were going to be getting a happily ever after but I honestly had no idea how it would come about. Emma and Calisto were in such a sticky and delicate situation it almost seemed like they would never get out, and certainly not alive. I once read an TV writers' interview where they said they like to leave themselves in a huge dilemma for season finales and they get to enjoy their summer wondering how on earth their characters are going to get out of it. Clearly, Bethany Kris is one of these writers. I was so happy that Calisto and Emma managed to weather through the storm but I'm a bit sad at one thing that I will mention again later.

The high stakes involved in this book were amazing. We pick up after Calisto's accident where he no longer remembers the past two years which would be fine if a) two years ago he didn't love Affonso b) He knew that Emma existed two years ago. Calisto loving Alberto was painful to read but I thought it was a great literary device to take us back to a time that had been alluded to since the very first book without actually going back in time. Emma is obviously suffering because not only does she have a high risk pregnancy and is still married to Affonso, the one true friend she has doesn't remember her and doesn't even speak to her beyond polite conversation. Life is hard I guess.

Thankfully, a hard won victory occurs and Emma and Calisto get their happily ever after with their family, plus a bonus connection to the families of The Chicago War however there was one aspect that upset me: 
Cross can never and will never know who his father is, he will never know that Calisto loves him just as much as his sister and if he does find out, it could destroy him. That hurts my soul, but Bethany Kris is playing well within mafia rules, so fair play to her.

I've loved this series, I felt like it had a different, edgier tone to her other books and it was an interesting direction to go in.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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