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A Bloody Kingdom by J.J. McAvoy REVIEW

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It has been eight years since the Callahans defeated Avian Doers and conquered Chicago. Melody is now the Governor and public face of the family, while Liam rises as the Ceann na Conairte of both the Irish and Italians.

Their reach is limitless; their power endless...but is it possible to have too much power? Can Liam and Melody raise a family, a city, and an empire?

Only a fool would try to stop them now....

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Omg, I really wish I could explain how much I love this series. It's honestly ridiculous and that is a compliment. This is a series that started with Melody shooting Liam in the arm because it was "non lethal" and so I'm sure you can imagine it's not going to get more serious than that.

When I first recommended Ruthless People to my best friend I described it as "absolutely bonkers but you'll love it anyway!"

My review of Ruthless People still stands, I love Melody Nicci Giovanni Callahan, every time we are in in her POV I feel like Boss Ass Bitch should be playing. Melody is 100% insane, but in a way that makes me respect her in a way that characters restrained to pages/kindles don't need to be. When referring to how awesome Melody is, at least once she must be referred to by her full name as it only seems appropriate. Taking place around 8 years after the ending of the previous book and Melody and Liam continue to be Liam and Melody, which was delightful.

Liam continues to be the one person perfect for Melody because they're both clearly as insane as each other. As always, I really loved the family and I love how each major player gets at least one POV chapter. This book was really good at showcasing the kids that are obviously being groomed to take over the family and this book was both great at laying the foundation for our imaginations should it stop here or giving us background for the characters should we get to know them better, and as adults, at a later date. 

Reviews from ARC readers really had me worried about the direction that this book would go and I'm really glad that this book both closes a chapter and opens the door for a new book (that doesn't 100% count as mixing metaphors right?)

As, I've referenced continuing the series twice, JJ, if you're somehow reading this, I need to know if there's going to be a spin off!! Send me a message at @AishaReadsBooks ;)

Would I say this book was absolutely necessary? ...No
Would I say that that fact lowered my enjoyment of it? No!

I was perfectly happy with how American Savages ended but I also really loved being welcomed back into the crazy world of the Callahans, again, I think it's great backstory for the future spin off (I'm speaking it into existence now, okay) and it's better off being told as a straight narrative rather than the kids trying to piece it together. 

There were three moments that had me holding my breath in shock, awe and/or fear and I'm honestly so glad to have picked up this series. These books near flawlessly cover crime, humour, familial ties and more crime. 

The Godfather is one of my favourite books and movies and whilst not as serious a take on the mob world, these books remind me of the family ties and the tentative relationships formed in hopes of a slightly easier reign for their children, until it's realised that in order for your children to become leaders, they must firstly lead.

Rating: 5 stars

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