Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Gun Moll by Bethany Kris and Erin Ashley Tanner NEW RELEASE

Gun Moll (Gun Moll, #1)
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 James “Mac” Maccari’s career in the mafia is at a standstill. As the best solider in his Capo’s crew, all he wants is to be noticed enough to get Made in the Pivetti Crime Family. But instead, his Capo’s interests seem more focused on keeping his solider hidden from the boss, and every other Made man he can. Seemingly stuck right where he is with no chance of going up, Mac doesn’t know what will finally get him the attention he needs to earn his button.

Until she shows up and all eyes are on them …

Melina Morgan survives—that’s just what she does. She’s never been able to depend on anyone but herself to keep her safe and get things done. When a chance encounter puts her in a bad situation with the cops and the mafia, Melina has no choice but to put her faith in the hands of a man that not only infuriates her with his cocky arrogance, but catches her interest, too. Playing pretend in a fake relationship with Mac doesn’t seem all that terrible, until pretend turns real and bullets start to fly.

A man is nothing without his woman …

When the attention on Mac and Melina turns from bad to worse, and someone in the Pivetti Crime Family decides the couple needs to go, they know they’re fighting an uphill battle alone. But making it to the end alive means Mac could get what he’s always wanted, and Melina might find what she didn’t even know she needed.

Together, they’ll make waves the mafia has no choice but to notice …

Review ahead!


I couldn't believe it. This book is honestly mind blowingly amazing. A previous interview I did with Bethany Kris asked how she managed she make a completely different story each time and I'm honestly still in awe. The writing for this book was flawless, I have yet to read any of Erin Ashley Tanner's work but that's changing after reading this book. I have no idea how their co-authorship worked but I could not at any point say "Bethany Kris wrote this part" and the seamlessness of this book makes everything worth it.

The story went in a direction I honestly wasn't expecting. It's always such a pleasant surprise to have no idea where a book is going. I say this every time a book surprises me and that's because a lot of books, whilst enjoyable, are very easy to predict and it gets to the point where you just want what you know is going to happen to just happen. What I assumed was the main plot ended about 80% into the book and I was like ooh, there's going to be more!! I'm so glad there was as it really pushed the series into a new direction and I think it was a great decision.

The characters were so well developed and I loved how the authors touched upon the very real racial issues that can occur in these situations. In which maybe they're not "racists" but there cannot be black people in the family. 
Melina was such an inspiring character, to quote Hattie White "she's had her ups and downs,but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade." She's a fighter and the most loyal woman you'll ever meet, it was an honour to get to know her.
Mac is a great character in that he recognises the mistakes that are easy to make and he does his best to avoid them and be a better man. Mac appreciates and respects his family and it's so endearing to watch. The two of them together create such an amazing intense story that entrances the reader and makes it hard to shake them.

The series looks like it's going to go in some really exciting directions and I'm honestly just waiting impatiently for the next installment!

Recommend to: fans of romance, fans of Crime/Mystery
Rating: 5 stars

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